“Everyone, with the right coaching and motivation has the ability to succeed and reach their health, fitness and movement goals”

Under The Bar is a Personal Training and Group Fitness studio which is focussed on YOUR individual goals and how WE can customise every session to help you reach your potential.


With experienced, University qualified Exercise Scientists on board, we ensure that no matter your fitness, injury, or impairment - we know how to safely and effectively help you succeed. 


Becoming a member at Under The Bar will in time, not just mean you have somewhere to come and train because you feel as though you “should” - It means you are joining a community of likeminded members and trainers who through our “inclusive to all” policy want to see you succeed and become the strongest version of yourself!


Rather than purely focussing on transformations - we focus on a holistic view of your health; strength (both physical and mental), fitness, nutrition, and “enjoyment”



Isn’t that what its all about? If you are waking up in the morning feeling like you HAVE TO go to the gym rather than you WANT TO… you are at the wrong gym! Lets create enjoyment; of training your body the way that suits you, and of life as a stronger, healthier version of yourself!


Lys is a University qualified Exercise Scientist who is passionate about helping you pursue your heath and fitness goals.


Through her passion for injury and movement rehabilitation, she ensures that every session is catered to the individual to ensure continual progress.


Lys believes in educating her clients and passing on her knowledge to ensure that you know why you are doing a certain movement and that you can do it without constant supervision once you progress to group classes.


Within her classes you will constantly be pushed to your limits to bring about longterm mental and physical change. 


Stef is a qualified Exercise professional with her cert 3 and 4 in PT, and also her masters in training. 


Stef has a passion for fitness and ensures that every session is suited to your ability. You will be under consent supervision throughout to ensure you are pushed to your limits to get the most out of every session. 

Stefs classes are fast paced and energetic, often having the members hating her at the end of the session (in a good way!) 


Jan is a qualified group trainer whose strengths lie within her non stop encouragement and perfect technique regardless of the workout. 

A 5:15am class regular, even if she is TRAINING in your class you can expect to be pushed.

Anyone who has been trained by Jan can vouch for her amazing personality and the way in which she makes everyone feel so comfortable and included!

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